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What are some FAQ?





What does getting my driveway sealed include?

      First we start by trimming the edges of your driveway. Next we wire brush any dirt and use power blowers to clear the driveway of any debris. If necessary we pretreat any oil or gas stains, fill cracks or patch small holes. Then we hand apply the sealer which gives it a nice thick coat that will protect your investment.

How long does it take?


       With years of experience it only takes our team between 30-60 min. for a standard sized residential driveway. Once it's all finished the sealer takes approximately 24hrs. to dry.


Why should I seal my driveway?


      There are many reasons you should seal your driveway but most importantly you want to protect the asphalt from the harsh winters here in CNY. The sealer will protect your investment and make it last longer. Not only does it protect your driveway but will add a beautiful new look to your home.


What do you use?


        We use the highest-quality commercial grade product on the market. It is a coal tar sealer Neyra®, that has a special blend of ingredients to protect your driveway.

Any other questions? Feel free to call us 315-622-9740

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